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“While pursuing my master’s degree, I worked part-time as a quality engineer for a medical device company; managing two lives – one as a student and one as a professional – was difficult. This was especially true when managing my time. There were sleepless nights and many cups of coffee juggling my work, school assignments, and tests. However, it felt fantastic to learn a new concept in the classroom one day and then apply that knowledge the very next day at work.” – Nikita Angane

“To stay focused and confident, there will be times when you have to ignore the negative things people say to you. A male student once said, “I can’t believe you’re ahead of me [in rank]; you don’t even take advanced math.” I felt surprised and angry that he thought he was better than me just because he was a boy. At the same time, I was proud of myself and what I had accomplished in math and at school, so those negative feelings did not linger. Others may judge your academic abilities based on your gender. Learning to use negative comments to motivate yourself to succeed is important. You have to rise above them.” – Selina Webb

“As a child, I was a keen observer, always eager to learn and ready with a series of questions to satisfy my thirst for knowledge. But, growing up in a male-dominated society with a government that ignored our most basic human rights, I did not have the stability and confidence to build a proper foundation for the future. However, I had a solid and secure family environment. I was fortunate to have parents who put education above everything else, a rare privilege for a young girl in Iran.” – Fatemeh Razjouyan

“During my 8-week trip back from the North Pole, I discovered my dad had passed away. He was my hero and encouraged me to go to the Arctic for the first time. I still had three weeks left on my trip when I received the sad news. My dad struggled with health complications throughout his life, but this was sudden. A large part of me wanted to get off the ship and go home, but I stayed. I always promised him if anything happened, I would finish whatever I was doing, no matter how crazy it seemed. He encouraged my crazy ideas, and my life is richer and fuller because of it. I honored his lifelong, unending support for me by staying on the ship. When I returned from the trip, I was awarded the US Coast Guard Arctic Service Medal. What an honor for my hard work!” – Christina Goethel

Press Release

Dawn Heimer, PhD Debuts the Book Release:
"Determined To Be Extraordinary"

The latest book, “Determined to be Extraordinary,” shares stories of 27 modern women in STEM from around the world to inspire girls with real-life role models.

New York, NY June 1, 2024 – Dawn Heimer, PhD is thrilled to announce the release of her debut book, “Determined to be Extraordinary,” a collaborative memoir featuring the compelling stories of 27 inspiring modern women leaders in STEM from across the globe. These narratives, shared through personal accounts and photographs, highlight journeys of perseverance, brilliance, and growth, aiming to inspire the next generation of girls with real-life role models.

The need for contemporary role models in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is evident, as most of the literature for young girls highlights historical figures. “Determined To Be Extraordinary” fills this gap by featuring real-life examples of successful modern women in STEM. With a PhD in Behavioral Genetics and decades of research experience, Dr. Heimer spearheaded this project to address the scarcity of literature on modern women in STEM.

The book provides girls with relatable success stories in STEM fields. It encourages them to see themselves in roles traditionally dominated by men and to pursue their interests in science and technology with confidence. By highlighting the achievements of women currently making significant contributions to their STEM fields, “Determined to be Extraordinary” challenges stereotypes and broadens perspectives on career possibilities in STEM.

Dr. Heimer explains the motivation behind the book: “After reading the children’s science books targeted at young girls, my 10-year-old and I were frustrated. Most of the women in the books were dead, so their stories were written by someone else, and the books were illustrated. Books of substance about modern contemporary female STEM role models do not exist. A reviewer of a competitive book remarked: ‘If someone has a recommendation for a good book about women scientists, I’d love to hear it…’ Determined To Be Extraordinary is the solution.”

Indeed, the stories shared in the book touch on common struggles and amazing achievements, showing readers that challenges can be overcome with determination, hard work, and personal growth. Feedback from middle school readers has shown that the stories are relevant and inspiring, as evidenced by the following reaction to one of the stories: “When I was reading this story, I felt that I was right along with the author watching the struggles she faced, but then seeing her overcome them with dignity and integrity. This story has encouraged me to stand up to people who tell me I can’t do something because of my gender. It also has taught me that anything that stands in my way I can overcome with courage and hope.” The book can be purchased both online and in physical stores.

About the Editor: Dawn Heimer is excited to offer “Determined to be Extraordinary” to readers. She brings her unique blend of clinical research and executive leadership to her leadership coaching practice in Rhode Island and New York City. As a former Manager at a Fortune 500 Company, she guides clients to unleash their enthusiasm, lead with purpose, and reach new heights of fulfillment. Discover more about her and modern women in STEM on her website,, by email at: Follow her on  Instagram, and Facebook. Users can visit the official website for any media or commercial inquiries.

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Company name: Bradway Publishing LLC Contact person: Dawn Heimer

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City: Exeter and New York

State: Rhode Island and New York Country: USA

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