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Web Resources

Girl Develop It

A non-profit program creating opportunities and supportive environments for girls and non-binary individuals to learn and develop skills in STEM.


An initiative offering innovative, informal STEM education programs to increase girls' interest and engagement in STEM from kindergarten to grade 12.

STEM Like a Girl

This organization provides tools for girls to develop their own STEM identity, starting from elementary school, and promotes early interest in STEM subjects.


Focused on inspiring and supporting girls, young women, and non-binary young people in STEM/STEAM with various programs and events.

EngineerGirl Try This! Design Challenge

Offers hands-on activities using common household items for girls aged 8 and up. Challenges include designing a mini catapult, a paper airplane, and a sorting machine.

Code Break

A global, live-interactive classroom for students of all ages to learn about computer science, even without computers. It provides a weekly dose of education and community interaction.

Code Your Hero

An activity by Google where students can use their imagination to turn a real-life hero into a superhero using code. It is designed for students aged 8 and up and utilizes Scratch, a block-based coding language.

Code Studio

Offers a range of online courses in computer science for K-12 students. The courses blend game-like tutorials with unplugged classroom activities and video lectures.


Provides free, hands-on technology workshops for middle school girls. The workshops cover a wide range of topics, including coding, movie editing, jewelry design, digital marketing, and cybersecurity.

AAUW STEMEd for Girls

This program offers a series of virtual workshops designed to support girls' success from high school to their careers.

Science Buddies

A non-profit organization that empowers K-12 students, parents, and teachers to find free project ideas and support in all areas of science. The website includes an extensive library of project ideas and teacher resources.

Science Friday

Dedicated to promoting understanding of science and technology among the general public. It offers hands-on activities, lesson plans, and multimedia resources suitable for different grade levels and subjects.

Girls Excelling in Math and Science

Offers challenges and club activities that can be adapted for home use, encouraging young girls to explore mathematical concepts and skills.

Science from Scientists

Our goal is to ensure our nation’s youth is competitive globally in STEM fields through exciting, informative and engaging lessons taught by practicing scientists.

GoldiBlox STEM at Home

Encourages positivity, creativity, and connection with DIY and STEM inspired projects for all ages.

National Inventors Hall of Fame

Provides innovative education opportunities with STEM activities, inventor printables, and a virtual field trip extending learning beyond the classroom.


Features educational STEM activities and videos, aiming to keep kids engaged in education, especially during times when traditional classroom learning isn't possible.

Project Exploration

Creates learning opportunities for youth underrepresented in sciences, especially girls. It offers hands-on STEM activities using simple materials.

YouTube Resources

Physics Girl
(Dianna Cowern)

Explains various physical phenomena. Recommended videos include "Inside the World’s Largest Science Experiment" and "Seven Science Experiments with Surface Tension".

The Amoeba Sisters

The Amoeba Sisters: Focus on demystifying science with humor and relevance, particularly in biology. Notable videos include "Why Study Biology" and "Nature of Science".


A PBS series showcasing real tween girls using science and engineering in their daily lives. It follows different groups of middle school girls in each episode.

The Backyard Scientist

Tests the laws of physics and nature with adventurous projects. It's an exciting channel for those curious about experimental science.

Offers a diverse range of topics and videos, including "President Obama asks Americans to learn computer science" and "What is the Internet?".


Offers content that deconstructs the weird things that happen in our world, with a focus on the latest and most exciting happenings in the scientific world.

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Provides raw and practical content on how things work in real life, with a focus on explaining the science behind various phenomena.

The Slo Mo Guys

An entertaining channel focusing on showcasing numerous scientific or craft projects in slow motion to help understand the mechanics of each process.

Khan Academy

Provides unique and amazing educational content in STEM as well as finance and history, with content translated into dozens of languages.

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